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My name is Garth Wakeford and I am originally from South Africa. I have a degree in Kinesiology from Rhodes University. As an ex professional athlete and army officer, I have a unique skill set managing the needs and expectations of my clients. I started training at LA PALESTRA in NYC in 2002 and I have since dedicated my life to helping others achieve their most healthy and fulfilling lives.

Wellness is more than being free from illness: it is the process of change and growth towards a mentally and physically healthy lifestyle. Every thing we feel and do relates to our well-being and directly affects our actions and emotions. In order to subdue stress, reduce illness, and ensure positive moments in your life, you must achieve optimal wellness.

My team and I are here to guide you to realizing your wellness goals across every possible endeavor, whether it be your environment, community, career, belief systems, physical activities, self care, or healthy food choices.



Personal Training, Sport Specific Training, Exercise Prescription, Pre-hab, Weight Loss Plans.

Introducing JULUKA , a HIIT class like no other. JULUKA means sweat in Zulu and you will definitely sweat in this class. The time you will spend on each exercise is dependent on the person using the cardio piece. You will learn to not limit yourself to a known time or rep finish. Camaraderie and support is encouraged.

Come enjoy JULUKA at Hampton Racquet Club, 172 Buckskill Road, East Hampton , everyday at 9am.


Paddle Boarding, Cold Water Therapy, Surfing, Clamming


Trail running, Hiking, Mountain biking

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